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Cavaliers @ The Spa is a retreat for Cavalier Royalty

Located in the heart of Nassau County NY, Cavaliers @ The Spa is your Cavalier King Charles Spaniel's home away from home. He or she is pampered in a home environment. There are soft leather couches on which to lounge and sleep, and a glass Four Season room from which to “squirrel watch.”  No crates or cages in some industrial setting for our royal guests, but rather lots toys and the company of other king charles cavaliers. Daily exercise, brushing, play and lots of "lap time" are the basics. Guests can bring their own food or organic Spa food can be provided.  Ice cold purified water and organic treats are available to our guests. All areas of the Spa are heated and air conditioned. The Spa is secured with an alarm system.

The property is fenced and there is artificial turf outside on which to romp. Special Spa baths are also available. Cavaliers @ The Spa is not a kennel that boards pets, it is a loving, comfortable, home retreat for Cavalier King Charles Spaniels when their families are away. Whether you call your Cavalier a King Charles Spaniel or Cavalier King Charles these dogs are royalty and only the best will do.

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About Us

The founder and owner of Cavaliers @ The Spa is Patrisha Wayne. As a former high school history and economics teacher, I learned two very important skills, PATIENCE and CONSISTENCY.  It is these two skills along with lots of Tender-Loving-Care that has made Cavaliers @ The Spa Ltd. the success that it has become.

After retiring from a career in teaching, I decided to give my cavalier, Peakaboo, a present of a little cavalier puppy named Peri.  At first Peakaboo would have nothing to do with Peri.  However, eventually they became inseparable buddies.  In retirement, I had quality time to spend with my cavaliers. We read together, that is I read and my cavaliers cuddled next to me.  We watched television together, that is I watched and they lay across my lap being petted.  Peakaboo even helped me garden.  I planted flowers in the spring and she pulled them out of the ground. My two cavaliers taught me to understand the nature, temperament and basic personality of Cavaliers. I learned to absolutely adore these precious creatures.

One day a cavalier breeder friend asked if I would care for a puppy until the new owner returned from a month long business trip.  I agreed and enjoyed the fun of having a puppy in the house. Soon after the gentleman returned from his trip, he recommended me to a friend that needed a “baby-sitter” for his cavalier.  Cavaliers @ The Spa Ltd. was born.  In 2003, we were incorporated.  Word spread that Cavaliers @ The Spa Ltd. was a dog boarding retreat that provides a home setting for all guests.  Because only cavaliers are spa guests, the atmosphere is calm and stress free.

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Our mission at Cavaliers @ The Spa Ltd. is to provide every Cavalier King Charles Spaniel guest with a safe, loving,
stress free, home environment, in which to play, squirrel watch, snooze and cuddle.

•    We provide for day guests and long term guests.
•    Guests are provided with clean bedding and leather couches to lounge and sleep on.
•    All accommodations are heated and air conditioned
•    The dogs can romp outside on artificial turf.
•    Older guests, young pup, cavaliers requiring medication, dogs with special needs are all welcomed.  All Cavaliers guests
      receive the same care at the same boarding rate.
•    There are no “pet care attendants” at our Cavalier Spa.  All the tender-loving-care, lap-time, play-time and petting is
      provided by the owner, Patrisha Wayne.


Thank you for your interest. For questions or comments, please use the information listed here. We look forward to hearing from you soon.

(516) 877-2014

Hours of Operation
Drop Off Hours
Monday - Sunday, 8 a.m.-8 p.m.

Service Area
Nassau County, Suffolk County, Westchester County, Connecticut, and North New Jersey
Transportation can be provided upon request

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