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Dear Pat,

Roni and I want to thank you for watching Emme while we were on vacation. As you know Emme is a very important part of our lives and so leaving her is very hard for us to do. However leaving her with you makes it much easier for us knowing that she is in your care having a good time with all her friends. One of the reasons that we feel so comfortable with leaving Emme with you is that you are a Cavalier lover as well and so you are very familiar with the breed. And in addition you only board Cavaliers so your guests are with their own kind which I believe is important for safety sake.

As a matter of fact Emme will be visiting soon since we have some more vacations planned in the near future. I would recommend the spa to any Cavalier owner without a moment’s hesitation and tell them that their little ones are in the best of care with you while they are away.

Thanks again Pat.
With kind regards,
Roni & Paul G.

Is your dog a part of your family? Do you get upset when you have to leave your Cavalier when you travel or are away on business?  Well, worry no more!  When your precious Cavalier goes to the Spa for Cavaliers, that pup will be in for a big treat... Beautiful gardens to roam and play (Astor turf for cleanliness) the run of the house to cuddle on couches and be treated like a king. And then there is the Spameister, Pat, who is an expert on all manner of topics such as nutrition, snacks, dental hygiene, coat maintenance and exercise. Have a problem with training? Just ask Pat. She is a master of knowledge about Cavaliers. My dog Chip has been a guest at the Spa for almost ten years. I would be happy to speak to anyone who would like more information.

Ellie Fishman

My cavalier has been a guest at Pat's Cavalier Spa for around 12 years. Leaving Britany in Pat's care was and still is the only way I can travel with peace of mind. She is a wonderful caring person who takes care of all the dogs as if they are her own. They are in a secure, spacious and clean environment and mingle with Pat's own dogs. Britany looks forward to her spa visits and comes home happy and well taken care of. I can't imagine leaving her anywhere else.

Laurie D


We feel so lucky to have found Cavaliers @ The Spa! Prior to meeting Pat, we used other people to watch our dogs in their homes ,and I’ve never had as settling a feeling as I do when they are at @ The Spa.   

My Fur kids, Ginger & Sunny, have been staying @ The Spa for over 5 years. As a family with young children we tend to travel quite a bit, at least 4 times a year for a week at a time. Knowing that our dogs (who are SO special to us) can be somewhere safe and be treated as well as they are at home is priceless.

Pat is always very responsive, answering my many questions about my girls, what they do all day and how they are doing, which makes me feel closer to them while I have to be away. I love hearing the stories of who does what (Ginger chases leaves in the backyard and Sunny chases boys!) and how they are the fastest eaters she’s ever had!

Ginger recently spent her 10th birthday @ The Spa and Pat was so kind as to make it a special occasion for her, throwing her a party with a cake for her and treats for the group! It meant SO much to me to have her celebrated so well on her special day, I know she had an amazing day filled with love!

Pat’s home is so welcoming, for us and our girls, and she has as much love for dogs and the breed as we do! Traveling with our non-fur kids would be much more stressful if we didn’t feel comfortable with who the girls were staying with. I can honestly say, I don’t feel bad leaving them because I know what good hands they are in!

Thank you Pat for everything you’ve done for us these past years, it really has helped us tremendously!

I could go on and on. And I’m sure my girls could too if you asked them.

The Gurwitz family,
New York, New York

I have all my Cavaliers, and there have been quite a few, stay at the Spa when I traveled and vacationed. Often these trips were for a number of weeks. My adored friends were well cared for and seemed to enjoy their time at the Spa. At times they were on medications and Pat handled this well. The Spa allowed me to vacation in peace knowing my pets were safe and happy. I highly recommend the Spa to a Cavalier owner who adores their pets and wants the best for them.
Dr. David M. Fromm